20 February 2009

Posting from beyond the seas...

HElooooo cannn anyyyone hearrrr meeeee...

8 days ago and (in 11 min in 9 days)
I flew to London to visit friends and Shop for daily needs..
I bought less then i'd expected of myself but made the most out of my trip.. i had an unbelivable time and would just like to thank my best friends for making my trip so worth while i seriously dont want to go back but my sister awaits..
Just thought you'd like to know that LONDON fashion week starts/ed today! Soo fashionistas' out there have fun and take pictures for all of us!
Did you guys hear about Rihannah and what Chris Brown did to her... was he on drugs.? I dont understand what happened so anyone please explain.. thank you .. <3

My slang is improving, today i learnt a new "word" - Did you know that PSOM means 'Parent Standing Over Me' so when your parent is looking at you writting a private email, a post, or just a text you just write PSOV and thats it! Update your friends you should all know!! XD

Right know i looked at the clock it says exactly 00:00 (12pm) i guess its saturday already! Ahhh woow the days just pass you by.

Sleep tight.. kiss kiss

19 February 2009

Diane Von Furstenberg- or as I say-DVF!

DVF had an outstanding collcetion, it was multicoloured yet punky...
and Donna Karen, Cynthia Rowley and other (unrecalled) designers also managed to Score with their clever sillouettes...

(images from modelcouture)

Layers like an onion...

Lacost's collection had a lot of layering going on....
Again- dont remember from which collections these two were....

(images from modelcouture)

My fave outfits from all the collections....

Vena Cava was V impressive this season....

I also liked these jeans from Miss Sixty...
and the above outfit that i cant remember to which collection it belonged....
(images from modelcouture)

WHOOoo for Jason Wu !!!

His runway was fab, he deserves it!

....On the other hand Alexander Wang was bit of a dissapointment, though i did like this one outfit:

(images from modelcouture)

09 February 2009

Im as confused as a FOX ON DRUGS

im rely confused about where to spend my summer break?! i've been saving a lot to be able to go to this trip, but im not sure where out of these cities: New york, Paris, Milan and London. ironically enough they are the most well known fashion places on the planet! loll

it just that in each one of these theres something that pulls me towards it:

1) NYC (or a trip round the US) - i have been longing to go there for ever coz i never been! I was planning on going there with a bunch of friends but my family decided that they all wanna tag along too, (darn it!)
2) Paris- J'adore J'adore J'adore le paris! i know some french myself plus i have been craving to visit a friend there! bonus-meeting a french BF! eeeee!

3) Milan- my friend and i -all we do in our joint lesson it chat about our trip to milan or whatever, she's from there and she told me that she knows the fittest guy ever from there so yh -reason to go, plus we could stay with him....

4) As i used to live in London, i know pretty much how everything works, how to get around and i'll even have a place to stay, but nah-its not my cup of tea!

Alors!- HELLLLLLPPPP!??!?1??!

one things for sure- no matter where i go- I must visit a fashion show !!!!

have fun in London H! (now you see how im saving up!?)

on another note- V day is coming up soon and sadly enough im Dateless; which is why i was thinking blind dating is starting to sound very appealing, maybe even double blind dating? what are your plans readers?
one of my friends who is deep in her relationship is going on a double date to a really nice park, how cute is that? a stroll in the park?!
and if i am already mentioning love, then I am in love with these new pair of sandal-heels that i got for the equivelent of just 2 pounds! check it out....


08 February 2009

Done and Done.

(Vogue US steven meisel coat check)

I'm leaving to London on my own, to visit my STYLISH, ANOREXIC friends and go shopping and MEGA exited!

I just finished packing 4 days early! So yes i'm done unless i'll remember to add anything else later- which i probably will!

I wont forget you, while i'm there so be sure to check my upcoming posts from the city..
Hope to see one of the Joint Jumble sisters in one of the charity shops of England, but probably won't as England's a big big big country loll.


06 February 2009

Fairytale Stories

Hope you enjoyed this fashion spread fairytale, shot by WILLY VANDERPERRE ,model: Irina Kulikova, here's another story to you fellow blog-hunters....
In year 2 (when i was about 6 or 7 years old) i can clearly remember having this HUGEEE crush on a guy in my class, called Tom, who had dark features, well...-I would chase after him in the playround during break times and try and kiss him but it he wasn't into me! (hahaha)
anyways after that, i moved with H to London for primary and secondary school and then returned again here to my hometown, after 9 years! So anyways, i was checking out all the guys in my year when i returned and happened to come about these two lanky dark guys. my friends told me who they were but i didnt pay much attention and then the other day in geography i had this major flashback because i finally realized that its the SAME guy called Tom (that also has black hair). It was one of the bizzarest moments of my life, my whole body got goosebumps! it just proves that Taste never changes! Unfortunatly this story has an unhappy ending - Tom's got a girlfriend already! :(
But still- FATE....
(ps- i wish i had a photo of him to show you , when i do- i'll be sure to upload it, and NO-i checked he hasn't got facebook-the horror!)

A BLAST from the PAST

I have very little time to write this blog right now so it will sound very sharp and to the point!
like : This guy was at my school! you might recognise him from the tv show "Make me a supermodel 2" or from the dior ads!!- but i actually remember seeing him in my high school -how freekish is that?! Anyway he's SOOO cute, you cant help but fall in love with him:
please meet......(drumroll please....)
-Jono Mcnamara-:

(all rights reserved with the owner- "make me a supermodel" and the unknown others)

04 February 2009

Its a BOY, No its a GIRL, no its a....

Hey there readers, please excuse me for the lack of posting; i've had a lot on my plate lately.

as most of you have realised.... we have finally gotten rid of that awful turkish music on the side bar and replaced it with an intense playlist! horrray
i have noticed in a couple of spreads lately that a trend of girls that are very masculine has become more popular,... look for yourself! if i didnt know any better , id say they amke pretty fit men...
(Indie Magazine, Fall 2008 Photographer: Phillip Meuller Model: Omahyra Mota Garcia)

(Freja Beha in iD February 2009, Clean Living.)

(avant garde and modelcouture)

Cya xoxo N