06 March 2009

Coz your Hot and you Cold your Yes and your No your In and your Out your Up and your Down

Beloved readers around the world!
I have a message from the sisters!
Us blister sisters would like to just start of by saying that we are disappointed in you! I know it sounds bad but hear us out.
Us sisters post and post to share our updates to you ..and you barely ever comment, so we are asking you from our soul to PLEASE spend 2minutes of your life ( your get your money back garenteed)and just leave a comment even if you just say "......... has been here" that already means alot because we know people out there are intersted in our updates. It would be so nice of you.
...... cough cough.... and if your REALLY nice you could always say our blog is unique, gorgeous, intresting... (hehe) or something like that (but im not hinting anyting)!! :D
We love you and we just want to feel the love.. is that soo much to ask?!
Updates from H:

I had an incredible time visiting London, got loads of beautiful new outfits, not much, but enough.
You know what i love doing with my friends most, trying on expensive dresses and taking pictures, so thats me in those pictures jumping!
I also learnt new/funny slang such as:
1)raves; like its gonna be raves (so much fun)
2)rents; instead of saying parents
3)PSOV but i think i told you about it in the post before.
Soo yeah im trying to use them but its not really rubbing on to me!

i <3 shopping!
how incredible are the shoes!!! Ahhhhh i am obsessed and i didnt even get them! :(
because where i live its too strange and i would never have the chance to wear them.

I love you readers as much as i love those shoes! and thats ALOT ALOT ALOT!!
Love H