10 January 2009


Roberto Cavalli’s new collection for H&M.

New updates on facebook, regarding H&M's great new styles from the latest Divided collection. Leppard is backkk.. beware..

love you loads



Sister you know i only say the truth..

those sandals are awful

i'll show you whats really nice:




YAY my first post H, how exciting!
i shall start by mentioning my wishlist for the next year....
a black leather jacket, zipped heeled boots in black, skinny or straight leg jeans for destroying, a large licensed T, and a vintage denim jacket....!
why doesnt this stuff grow on treeessssss?

Who ARE We?!

Dear readers
You're probably wondering who are we?! But that's one secret we'll never tell..(beloved Gissip Girl sewed to our hearts.)
We're two sisters with a hidden identity loll that share this blog for the world to see,
You know you love us..
(Blister Sisters)