30 January 2009

regarde le following programmes...

(skins from E4)
Here are some of the best shows that Im watching atm ...
Firstly, i love skins, i havent got round to watching the 3rd season yet so im still wondering ...will cassie ever meet sid in NYC? hopefully you readers also watch these fab shows so you could agree with me on this one...?
3)Exiled (its an MTV reality where they send sweet sixteeners to a 'dead' destination like Peru, or Africa and face the real world.) its Sooo funnny to see these spoilt brats suffer. MuHAHA!
4)Blood, Sweat and T-shirts- a bbc production where a few young fashionistas are sent (yet again) to India to see what life is really like in the manufacture process in unhealthy working conditions.
5)Desperate Housewives
Alors! if you have the chance to see these- i would definatly recomend!!