31 January 2009

Anti-Terror ....

Im sure we are all shaken from the situation in the middle east so i think its about time for a political note...,
We BS are totally pro-Israel!

i dont know about you but we believe in defending ourselves from terrorists. Innocent israeli citizens have had enough- They have had to deal with 8 years worth of missiles targeted at their homes and at schools and its about time that the gov acts upon it.
stay safe,


ps here's a little inspiration for all you beauty-lovers!

(Vogue Italia /Model: Louise Pederson )

30 January 2009

regarde le following programmes...

(skins from E4)
Here are some of the best shows that Im watching atm ...
Firstly, i love skins, i havent got round to watching the 3rd season yet so im still wondering ...will cassie ever meet sid in NYC? hopefully you readers also watch these fab shows so you could agree with me on this one...?
3)Exiled (its an MTV reality where they send sweet sixteeners to a 'dead' destination like Peru, or Africa and face the real world.) its Sooo funnny to see these spoilt brats suffer. MuHAHA!
4)Blood, Sweat and T-shirts- a bbc production where a few young fashionistas are sent (yet again) to India to see what life is really like in the manufacture process in unhealthy working conditions.
5)Desperate Housewives
Alors! if you have the chance to see these- i would definatly recomend!!

26 January 2009


OK OK so ive finsihed my exam, and i did brilliant if i may say so myself!
IM MEGA HAPPY after ive been bargain shopping! and right now im MEGA HAPPY...
i went to a new undiscovered charity shop today and managed to leave with about a gazillion items! i could barely hold the bag as it was bigger and heavier than me....!
i see my amazing finds as more than just luck,- i see it more like a talent ! loll
when scattering through the isles, my eyes are immediately accute to these finds and after i properly scan the item i see that it looks brand new and belongs to the top brands, such as Topshop, H&M, Zara, Mango, Levi etc.

I would probably say that 90% of my cupboard is GREEN just from buying clothes out of charity shops! Yay- ECO-ME! We BS arent those sticky-rich , super-sweet sixteeners who blog about our daily oufits that cost as much as our house! we purchase our clothes at the same price as a happy meal! so prepare to be amazed ....
So anyway this is what i managed to buy:

(this gorgeous dress that you can barely see is really glitsy! (i know-what a word right?) -I am gonna try and spice it up a little, this white bag, two cardigans, two black levis (one for shorts!), a gap jumper, a tight polo-neck (that looks good on me), a vintage denim jacket and a leather one that i have just been CRAVINGGGG! (no leather jacket in photos!), a flowery skirt (that i shall wear to the beach as a dress..), a simple daily black dress, yet another cardigan (make that 3!) thats frilly at every end and last but not least a grey fleese scarf (despite the seasonal delay!)-tucked into a Tesco's gothic belt from ages ago.

22 January 2009

Bohemian Dreams

Im so sorry that i can't remember where i got these pictures from but arent they just gorgeous!
(credit remains with the unknown owner)
What is with us blister sisters lately- all we seem to be doing is post some fashion spreads.

I am soooo busy lately with academic work but i swear that once the pressure will be lifted (hopefully soon), i will write a few interesting posts for you bohemian readers out there!
until next time...................i'll leave you with this inspiring shoot,
ps -im really enjoying some of your comments...:D

19 January 2009

Wake up Call

(pictures above are from Vogue Italia "Be My Baby")
I didn't hear what you were saying
I live on raw emotion baby
I answer questions never maybe
And I'm not kind if you betray me
So who the hell are you to say we
Never would have made it babe?
If you needed love
Well then ask for love
Could have given love
Now I'm taking love
And it's not my fault
Cause you both deserve
What's coming now
So don't say a word
Wake up call
Caught you in the morning with another one in my bed
Don't you care about me anymore?
Don't you care about me?
I don't think so.
Six foot tall
Came without a warning
so I had to shoot him dead
He won't come around here anymore
Come around here?
I don't think so.
(random but i just listened to the song, and i connected :P)


17 January 2009

Underage Party Hero

Lights, cameras, DANCE!
Friday night out, partying till it hurt..

15 January 2009

T TIME!! (click photo to enlarge at High Quality)

If you love Alexander Wang and Karlie Kloss like we do then listen up...
A. Wang has launched a brilliant T-shirt collection ranging from tanks ($28 wholesale) to T-shirt dresses ($40) — all cut in the designer’s signature languid style, with colors ranging from simple whites and heather grays to lavender, chartreuse and cerulean. “Necklines are stretched and armholes are strategically lowered so that it looks worn in,” he explains. “It’s like sleeping in a T-shirt and then wearing it the next day. It’s not this crisp little T out of the dryer. It’s draped and kind of wilted.”

(CREDIT goes to nitro:licious for the news and Alexander of course!!)

13 January 2009

Seeing Stars....

Im so FRUSTRATTTED at all these new celebrity clothing lines ....
1) they are already rich and famous, do they really need more dough?
2) they havent studied fashion, havent really earnt it and..
3) they already have their own proffesion so stop trying to juggle everything! GRRR!

From the Olsen twins to Kayne West and even our own Vicky Beckham!! the next thing you know we'll be wearing the blinding designs of Amanda Bynes.........Oh wait-WE ALREADY ARREEE!

readers i trust you will all stick to you're own proffesion, until next time......

i love you (... and hate those wannabe fashionistas out there!)
xoxo N
PS- dont be so shy readers, we're new to this blog, please make us feel at home by posting some comments!

(why r u looking so sombre P? it can only mean you're expecting funerals, with that much black, to promote you're line!)

12 January 2009


Sis its me again (H),
Haven't heard from you in 2 days,
wondering how you're doing...
saw a nice outfit today; high-waisted orange culottes, white and yellow top tucked in(it), red and white heart shaped handbag.. Ohhh yes you guessed ... Gossip girl s2 e2 - loving the look Blair.

(Leighton Meester - gossip girl scene)

Hope you're keeping the sugar down readers and the fruit up...

(Natasha Poly in Vogue Russia)
love you loads

10 January 2009


Roberto Cavalli’s new collection for H&M.

New updates on facebook, regarding H&M's great new styles from the latest Divided collection. Leppard is backkk.. beware..

love you loads



Sister you know i only say the truth..

those sandals are awful

i'll show you whats really nice:




YAY my first post H, how exciting!
i shall start by mentioning my wishlist for the next year....
a black leather jacket, zipped heeled boots in black, skinny or straight leg jeans for destroying, a large licensed T, and a vintage denim jacket....!
why doesnt this stuff grow on treeessssss?