13 January 2009

Seeing Stars....

Im so FRUSTRATTTED at all these new celebrity clothing lines ....
1) they are already rich and famous, do they really need more dough?
2) they havent studied fashion, havent really earnt it and..
3) they already have their own proffesion so stop trying to juggle everything! GRRR!

From the Olsen twins to Kayne West and even our own Vicky Beckham!! the next thing you know we'll be wearing the blinding designs of Amanda Bynes.........Oh wait-WE ALREADY ARREEE!

readers i trust you will all stick to you're own proffesion, until next time......

i love you (... and hate those wannabe fashionistas out there!)
xoxo N
PS- dont be so shy readers, we're new to this blog, please make us feel at home by posting some comments!

(why r u looking so sombre P? it can only mean you're expecting funerals, with that much black, to promote you're line!)