06 February 2009

Fairytale Stories

Hope you enjoyed this fashion spread fairytale, shot by WILLY VANDERPERRE ,model: Irina Kulikova, here's another story to you fellow blog-hunters....
In year 2 (when i was about 6 or 7 years old) i can clearly remember having this HUGEEE crush on a guy in my class, called Tom, who had dark features, well...-I would chase after him in the playround during break times and try and kiss him but it he wasn't into me! (hahaha)
anyways after that, i moved with H to London for primary and secondary school and then returned again here to my hometown, after 9 years! So anyways, i was checking out all the guys in my year when i returned and happened to come about these two lanky dark guys. my friends told me who they were but i didnt pay much attention and then the other day in geography i had this major flashback because i finally realized that its the SAME guy called Tom (that also has black hair). It was one of the bizzarest moments of my life, my whole body got goosebumps! it just proves that Taste never changes! Unfortunatly this story has an unhappy ending - Tom's got a girlfriend already! :(
But still- FATE....
(ps- i wish i had a photo of him to show you , when i do- i'll be sure to upload it, and NO-i checked he hasn't got facebook-the horror!)

A BLAST from the PAST

I have very little time to write this blog right now so it will sound very sharp and to the point!
like : This guy was at my school! you might recognise him from the tv show "Make me a supermodel 2" or from the dior ads!!- but i actually remember seeing him in my high school -how freekish is that?! Anyway he's SOOO cute, you cant help but fall in love with him:
please meet......(drumroll please....)
-Jono Mcnamara-:

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