26 January 2009


OK OK so ive finsihed my exam, and i did brilliant if i may say so myself!
IM MEGA HAPPY after ive been bargain shopping! and right now im MEGA HAPPY...
i went to a new undiscovered charity shop today and managed to leave with about a gazillion items! i could barely hold the bag as it was bigger and heavier than me....!
i see my amazing finds as more than just luck,- i see it more like a talent ! loll
when scattering through the isles, my eyes are immediately accute to these finds and after i properly scan the item i see that it looks brand new and belongs to the top brands, such as Topshop, H&M, Zara, Mango, Levi etc.

I would probably say that 90% of my cupboard is GREEN just from buying clothes out of charity shops! Yay- ECO-ME! We BS arent those sticky-rich , super-sweet sixteeners who blog about our daily oufits that cost as much as our house! we purchase our clothes at the same price as a happy meal! so prepare to be amazed ....
So anyway this is what i managed to buy:

(this gorgeous dress that you can barely see is really glitsy! (i know-what a word right?) -I am gonna try and spice it up a little, this white bag, two cardigans, two black levis (one for shorts!), a gap jumper, a tight polo-neck (that looks good on me), a vintage denim jacket and a leather one that i have just been CRAVINGGGG! (no leather jacket in photos!), a flowery skirt (that i shall wear to the beach as a dress..), a simple daily black dress, yet another cardigan (make that 3!) thats frilly at every end and last but not least a grey fleese scarf (despite the seasonal delay!)-tucked into a Tesco's gothic belt from ages ago.


  1. wow some great bargins you got there! Where's the charity shop? Do you live in the UK? x

  2. Wow, great purchases. I wish there was a store like that around here.

  3. No, we dont live in the UK anymore ! :(
    thanks bloggers...