09 February 2009

Im as confused as a FOX ON DRUGS

im rely confused about where to spend my summer break?! i've been saving a lot to be able to go to this trip, but im not sure where out of these cities: New york, Paris, Milan and London. ironically enough they are the most well known fashion places on the planet! loll

it just that in each one of these theres something that pulls me towards it:

1) NYC (or a trip round the US) - i have been longing to go there for ever coz i never been! I was planning on going there with a bunch of friends but my family decided that they all wanna tag along too, (darn it!)
2) Paris- J'adore J'adore J'adore le paris! i know some french myself plus i have been craving to visit a friend there! bonus-meeting a french BF! eeeee!

3) Milan- my friend and i -all we do in our joint lesson it chat about our trip to milan or whatever, she's from there and she told me that she knows the fittest guy ever from there so yh -reason to go, plus we could stay with him....

4) As i used to live in London, i know pretty much how everything works, how to get around and i'll even have a place to stay, but nah-its not my cup of tea!

Alors!- HELLLLLLPPPP!??!?1??!

one things for sure- no matter where i go- I must visit a fashion show !!!!

have fun in London H! (now you see how im saving up!?)

on another note- V day is coming up soon and sadly enough im Dateless; which is why i was thinking blind dating is starting to sound very appealing, maybe even double blind dating? what are your plans readers?
one of my friends who is deep in her relationship is going on a double date to a really nice park, how cute is that? a stroll in the park?!
and if i am already mentioning love, then I am in love with these new pair of sandal-heels that i got for the equivelent of just 2 pounds! check it out....



  1. oh my gosh i have always wanted to make one of those but i have been too lazy to try and figure out the pattern for it. hopefully i'll be able to get one of the block patterns from school and then i will share :)