20 February 2009

Posting from beyond the seas...

HElooooo cannn anyyyone hearrrr meeeee...

8 days ago and (in 11 min in 9 days)
I flew to London to visit friends and Shop for daily needs..
I bought less then i'd expected of myself but made the most out of my trip.. i had an unbelivable time and would just like to thank my best friends for making my trip so worth while i seriously dont want to go back but my sister awaits..
Just thought you'd like to know that LONDON fashion week starts/ed today! Soo fashionistas' out there have fun and take pictures for all of us!
Did you guys hear about Rihannah and what Chris Brown did to her... was he on drugs.? I dont understand what happened so anyone please explain.. thank you .. <3

My slang is improving, today i learnt a new "word" - Did you know that PSOM means 'Parent Standing Over Me' so when your parent is looking at you writting a private email, a post, or just a text you just write PSOV and thats it! Update your friends you should all know!! XD

Right know i looked at the clock it says exactly 00:00 (12pm) i guess its saturday already! Ahhh woow the days just pass you by.

Sleep tight.. kiss kiss


  1. going to london, gosh you are so lucky !
    the ee in ctee doesnt stand for anything its just the sound extended making it look better, well i think so.

  2. haha i remember that phrase!! now we've learned to just minimize the window really fast :)

  3. Love your blog! Exchange links?


    <3 xx