03 May 2009

We're back

Sorry for the sudden disappearance, no reason

So today I watched “Channel E” for some general celebrity knowledge, apparently Angelina Jolie is the sexiest woman and Johnny Depp is the sexiest man. I just thought i'd let you in on that little secret.

I want a funky wig, and nerdy glasses that I can just put on whenever I feel like being someone else. And be like “excuse me do I know you?!” :D

I heard that 90% of high school teens want a boyfriend/girl friend and only 10% have one, so yeah I am that lonely 10%

Why cant I be a sexy L.A. woman like Shelby Keeton(modelling for ELLE, I seriously hate her!


  1. I also belong to the 10% loners out there.
    it´s sad! :)

  2. Oh yes! That was a long time ago, good to see that you're back though!
    Love the picture, Shelby looks so relaxed here and I love the outfit.


  3. Ohh I agree with the Johnny Depp thing ;)
    I absolutely love that skirt and jacket.

    Sahara xo.